20. Impronale: 4play

4 are alive. 3 have careers. 1 is rich. 4 want a change. 3 are happy. 4 are feminists.


2 Stunden


2 are mothers.
3 feel alone.
2 are political.
4 are badly paid.
1 just wants sex.
4 lost someone.
2 won’t ask.
1 is still smiling.
2 are religious.
2 are heterosexual.
1 is polyamorous.
2 are depressed.
1 doesn’t shave.
2 own apartments.
4 are middle class.
2 are searching for a lover.
4 are from different countries.
3 don’t believe in true love.
1 is a communist.
4 have vaginas.
2 nearly quit theatre.
4 enjoy improvisation.
2 fear the unknown.
3 are precarious workers.
2 are afraid.
3 are brave.
4 play.


on stage:
Mary Shelley’s Mothers
A combo of performing arts, feminism and the topic of sex and sexuality. A combo of personal confessions, playful movement encounters and foremost improvisation. A combo of Beatrix Brunschko (AT), Nele Kießling (DE), Rama Nicholas (AUS) and Maja Dekleva Lapajne (SVN).


Nächste Termine

Nächste Termine

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