20. Impronale: Life. Refabricated.

A stage practice by Maja Dekleva Lapajne and Norbert Sven Fö.


2 Stunden

This artistic endeavour thrives on profound friendships and a deep-rooted passion for improvisation. Each performance revolves around a specific theme that resonates strongly during the creative process. For this year’s Impronale, the central theme revolves around relationships and spaces, providing the overarching framework for „Life. Refabricated.“ The performance might also be influenced by other factors, events, happenings, work, encounters, relations at the festival.
As the artists perform, they not only reflect upon the chosen theme, but also introspect on the act of performing itself, their connection with the audience, the stage as a medium, and the very essence of life. By employing the art of performance, they offer a unique opportunity to contemplate the profound connections between the theme, the act of performing, and life itself.
Life. Refabricated. promises to be an exquisite sensory experience, encompassing sight, sound, space, light, touch, and occasionally even the evocative scent of the performance. Life is way too wondrous not to experience it in many different ways!

On stage:
Maja Dekleva Lapajne is a director, performer, member of Kolektiv Narobov, artistic director of the Naked Stage Festival. Her current projects include: Along the Walk, an international project on the topic of deceleration; Underwater, a performative concert on precarious life; 4play, a performance by Mary Shelley’s Mothers, focusing on the topic of sex and sexuality through feministic standpoints; Silver Gold, a project where different dance generations meet, exchange memories and create new ones; Za crknt, an exploration of contemporary clown and cabaret formats; Life. Refabricated., a performative and writing practice with Norbert Sven Fö on topics of improvisation, revolution and love.

Norbert Sven Fö is a member of DISCOllective that researches playfulness in a role of a dancer, choreographer, performer, clown, teacher, writer, producer, among many; and in formats like performance, dance, play, game, event, choreography, social experiment, installation, lecture, workshop, class, publication, clown act, video, score, among many. Once being stationed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he now practices nomadism, working, living and creating in various places around Europe.


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