When did you go out last time? 

THEATRIS opens a new portal into the independent performing arts in Saxony-Anhalt. Next to a statewide event schedule with various search and filter options, you can also discover all the theater companies, artists, locations and educational opportunities that make Saxony-Anhalt such a colorful place.

We are pleased to invite you to wander the state virtually, plan your next theater visit and go on an expedition throughout the independent performing arts.

Welcome to THEATRIS! 


As representative and cultural project agency for the independent performing arts, LanZe knows about the working conditions of independent theater makers in Saxony-Anhalt: Their staff and financial resources are focused on artistic ideas and their realization, often leaving not enough time for necessary complementary tasks like outreach towards the audience, public relations work or archiving.

Thus already acting under structural pressure, the artists find their possibilities even more limited by a missing supportive framework in terms of distribution, public perception and a structurally enahnced increase of their reach.

This is why LanZe has made it its goal to create a multifuntional and easily operated web platform and simultaneously support the players within the independent performing arts in developing digitally accessible content.


LanZe is the Landeszentrum Freies Theater Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.