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THEATRIS Sachsen-Anhalt

Welcome to THEATRIS Sachsen-Anhalt (https://theatris-lsa.de)!

Please read the following terms of use carefully, which apply to all users of the "THEATRIS Sachsen-Anhalt" website. We assume that you accept these terms of use in full when you access the website. Please do not continue to use "THEATRIS Sachsen-Anhalt" unless you agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth on this page.

§ 1 - Scope of application

  1. The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the website "THEATRIS Sachsen-Anhalt" - hereinafter referred to as the "Website" - which can be accessed on the Internet at https://theatris-lsa.de and are to be regarded as part of the offer from which reference was made to this page.
  2. The purpose of the Website is the non-commercial, non-profit collection and provision of information about the independent performing arts in Saxony-Anhalt on the basis of usergenerated content in the form of profiles, events, dates and magazine articles.

§ 2 - Information about the provider of the website

If you have any questions or comments regarding the website, you can contact the providers as follows:

Landeszentrum Freies Theater Sachsen-Anhalt e. V. (LanZe) - hereinafter referred to as the provider(s).

Brandenburger Str. 9
39104 Magdeburg

Telephone: 0391/886859-0
Fax: 0391/886859-1
E-Mail: info@lanze-lsa.de
Web: www.lanze-lsa.de

Register of associations: County court Stendal VR 10795

Authorized to represent the board of directors:

Janek Liebetruth (chairman)
Katrin Brademann (deputy chairwoman)
Nicole Tröger (treasurer)
Kerstin Dathe
Michael Morche
Janett Stieghahn
Juschka Weigel

Two members of the board each represent the association jointly in and out of court with the participation of the chairwoman or the deputy chairwoman.

Managing Director, authorized to represent according to § 30 BGB:
Maria Gebhardt

Responsible for content according to § 5 TMG and § 55 Abs. 2 RStV:
Maria Gebhardt

§ 3 - Agreement to the terms of use

  1. For the use of the website it is necessary that the user:s accept the following terms and conditions.
  2. The access to some services of the website, requires the creation of a free account. A corresponding registration form is provided at https://theatris-lsa.de/de/user/register. The user's name and password can be changed at any time. The creation of an account is only possible by providing a current e-mail address of the user. This e-mail address is also used for communication with the provider. With the activation of the account by the provider, a free user agreement for the use of the website as an online communication platform is concluded. This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and can be terminated by either party without notice by deleting the account. Upon conclusion of the contract, the user explicitly agrees to these terms of use and undertakes to observe them when using the website.

§ 4 - Users accounts

  1. The creation of an account is only permitted to persons of full legal capacity. In principle, there is no legal claim to activation of the account by the provider.
  2. The users of the website undertake to provide complete and correct information when creating an account and to check and, if necessary, update this information regularly to ensure its accuracy.
  3. The use of the website by creating an account makes the collection, processing and use of personal data by the provider unavoidable. The users agree to the storage and processing of their personal data. The providers assure that they will handle all stored data with care and process it exclusively within the framework of the user's consent under data protection law, without passing it on to third parties. Any further use of personal data by the providers will only take place if this is legally permissible or the users have given their prior consent.
  4. To the extent permitted by applicable law, users of the website assume responsibility for all activities carried out via their account on the website. They are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of their account and password and for restricting access to their computers and mobile devices. In the event that a third party becomes aware of the access data or other indications of misuse of their account, the users undertake to report this immediately to the providers of the website.
  5. Users can delete their account at any time. Related content will then be deactivated on the website, unless otherwise specified by the user. Should users wish to have their data permanently deleted (right to be forgotten), a separate message must be sent to the providers.
  6. In the event that users violate these terms of use or other violations of applicable law, the providers of the website reserve the right to block or delete the corresponding accounts and associated content.

§ 5 - Publication of content

  1. In addition to some of the provider's own content, the website is essentially based on content that is created and published by the user and stored on the provider's servers.
  2. By creating content, users give the provider permission to store, process, reproduce, publish and distribute it, including any personal data provided by them, and assure that the rights of third parties, for example to their own image or under applicable copyright law, are respected.
  3. The users of the website undertake not to publish any content that violates these terms of use, morality or any other applicable law. They are responsible and liable for the content they publish there as well as for the costs incurred in the event of a violation of the law. They indemnify the providers against any resulting claims by third parties and undertake to support the providers in defending themselves against such claims. All further rights and claims for damages of the providers remain unaffected. The providers of the website do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability, timeliness and quality of the content created by the users.
  4. Before publishing content, users undertake to check whether it contains information that they do not wish to publish. Your contributions and topics can be recorded in search engines and thus become accessible worldwide. A claim for deletion or correction of such search engine entries against the provider is excluded.
  5. Users have no right to the publication of content on the website.

§ 6 - Copyrights and ancillary copyrights

  1. All content reproduced on the website, such as images, graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts, are subject to German copyright law and are the property of the provider or third parties who supply content or make it available on the website.
  2. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the contents of the website may not be reproduced, modified, distributed, reused or exploited without the prior written consent of the authors. All rights are reserved.
  3. The users of the website assure that they have all the necessary rights to use the content they publish there and are authorized to pass it on and undertake not to publish or distribute any content via the website that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties. Contents of other authors are to be provided with appropriate copyright notices and source references.
  4. The users of the website grant the providers, free of charge, a simple right of use to the content published by them, which is restricted to use within the website and limited in time until possible deletion. This includes in particular the right of reproduction, the right of distribution and the right of public reproduction and access. Any further rights of use must be expressly granted by the user.
  5. Users who become aware of a possible copyright infringement undertake to report this immediately to the provider of the website.
  6. If copyright infringements become known, the content in question will be removed from the website immediately.

§ 7 - Contents of external websites

  1. As a service provider, the providers of the website are only responsible for their own content in accordance with § 7 TMG (German Telemedia Act) and the general laws. According to §§ 8-10 TMG, the providers of the website are not obligated to monitor third-party information transmitted or stored by them or to investigate circumstances that indicate illegal activity. Obligations to remove information or to block the use of information according to the general laws as well as due to judicial or official orders remain unaffected.
  2. The providers of the website do not adopt the contents of external websites referred to within the website (hyperlinks) as their own and point out that these exclusively represent the opinion of the authors. The operators of the external websites are exclusively liable for illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents of external websites to which reference is made within the website, and in particular for damages arising from the use or non-use of information presented in this way. Likewise, the providers are not responsible for the content of external websites that refer to the website.
  3. Access to all external websites accessible via such links on the website is at the user's own risk. No special notice is given if users leave the website by accessing links to external websites.
  4. The users of the website affirm that they are entitled to use hyperlinks to external websites within the content they have created on the website and undertake to check the content of these websites in advance for any legal infringements and to remove such links immediately if they become aware of any infringements and to report them to the website provider.
  5. If the providers of the website become aware of any infringements of the law by the contents of external websites, the providers of the website will immediately remove the respective references from the website.

§ 8 - Imprint obligation for organizers

  1. The providers of the website do not automatically act as organizers of the events advertised there. The users of the website are therefore obligated, when publishing dates for events created by them, to indicate the respective organizers including an associated imprint in accordance with the requirements of § 5 TMG.

§ 9 - Netiquette

  1. The users of the website undertake to comply with the generally accepted rules of communication for peaceful, respectful, tolerant and respectful of the dignity of others.
  2. Content of a defamatory, insulting, racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory, violent, extremist or pornographic nature will be removed from the website immediately and, if necessary, prosecuted.

§ 10 - Use of the Website

  1. Users may not use the website in any way that is likely to interrupt, damage or otherwise impair the services or access to them. This includes in particular the use of software, scripts or databases in connection with the use of the website as well as the automatic reading, blocking, overwriting, modifying and copying of data or other content, unless this is necessary for the proper use of the website. Users shall be liable for any damages resulting from failure to comply with this obligation.
  2. The use of the website in connection with illegal activities is prohibited and may be prosecuted.

§ 11 - Privacy & Cookies

  1. With regard to data protection and the use of cookies, the data protection declaration available separately at https://theatris-lsa.de/de/privacy and the cookie information provided at https://theatris-lsa.de/de/nutzungsbedingungen#editCookieSettings are an integral part of these terms of use.

§ 12 - Electronic communication

  1. The users of the website agree to receive electronic messages from the providers.
  2. The use of the website as well as the communication with the users takes place electronically. Users acknowledge that all consents, notifications, publications and other communications, with the exception of mandatory legal provisions, do not require the written form.

§ 13 - Availability of the website

  1. The providers shall make every effort to ensure that the website is available for retrieval without interruption.
  2. Even with all due care, downtimes cannot be ruled out in which the website servers cannot be accessed via the Internet due to necessary maintenance or technical or other problems beyond the control of the Provider (disruption of digital transmission, fault of third parties, force majeure, attacks against the infrastructure, etc.). The user acknowledges that a 100% error-free availability of the website cannot be technically realized and that the provider assumes no liability for any disruptions.
  3. The providers of the website reserve the right to change, supplement, delete or temporarily or permanently cease publication of parts of the website or the entire website at any time and without prior notice, provided that the purpose of the contract of use is not or only insignificantly affected.

§ 14 - Modification of the terms of use

  1. The providers of the website reserve the right to make changes to these terms of use at any time. In this case, the users of the website will be informed of the changes made and will be subject to the terms of use that are in effect at the time they use the website.

§ 15 - Final provisions

  1. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact. The invalid provision shall be replaced by the provision that best corresponds to the intended purpose in a legally permissible manner.
  2. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. The place of jurisdiction is Magdeburg.